I’m equally proud and humbled to call myself the Congressman for South Carolina’s First Congressional District.  My better half (Amanda) and I live in West Ashley where we are raising our son, Boone.  Along for the ride is our five-year-old rescue dog, a terrier mutt named Teddy.  


I spend about 100 days a year in D.C. and the rest of my days are spent all across this District meeting with and listening to our constituents. The free time I do have will often be spent on Isle of Palms where I take Teddy for morning runs, taking Boone to parks, attending Seacoast church, biking downtown and in West Ashley with my family or sticking my head into local breweries where I perform quality assurance checks.


Before being elected to Congress, I practiced construction law downtown and, even before then, worked as an ocean engineer.  I love the water, the beaches and everything associated with it.  Having had the blessing to swim, fish, dive and surf, I want to teach my son to do the same.  It’s why I’m hell-bent on protecting our shorelines from offshore drilling. We all should be good stewards of the environment and I’m simply trying to do my part here and even more in Washington D.C.  Occasionally, I have to blast air horns to educate people of the dangers of seismic testing and offshore drilling.


I also have the honor of serving on the Veterans Affairs committee.  On this committee, I am working to ensure our veterans get the care they so rightly deserve.  Our District has the highest concentration of veterans of any district in the State and it is our duty to honor the sacrifices they have made by ensuring we support our service members long after they leave the military. 


It is the honor of my lifetime to work to protect the things and people I cherish.  Through your support, and the support of my family, I hope to continue doing this work for years to come!

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